Virtual catalogues with animated flip book functionality can be a useful tool for online businesses. But what is a catalogue, and how involved is the process of using an online catalogue maker to create one? Understanding these things is key to deciding whether your business could benefit from implementing a virtual flip book catalogue and deciding whether to create one.

What are Virtual Catalogue Makers?

A virtual catalogue maker is, quite simply, a software tool for making a digital catalogue. It will turn your existing online catalogue from an ordinary static document into a more engaging, interactive flip book. This is an online simulation of a traditional, paper catalogue booklet, allowing users to flick through page-by-page complete with page-turning animation. It operates entirely within their normal internet browser window, and requires no specialist software – only common media plugins.

What do you Need?

All you really need to create an online catalogue is a source document in PDF format, the catalogue software tool, and of course a computer to run it on. As PDF is such a common document format, it is quite likely your existing catalogue is in this format and ready for conversion. If you already have a catalogue which is not a PDF, many other document formats can be easily and directly converted into a PDF. If you do not have an existing catalogue or it is not suitable for direct, easy conversion, PDF catalogue design is a widely-available and affordable service and, due to the widespread use of this format, is probably the best choice whether you plan to create an interactive flip book version or not.

What Does the Process Involve?

Once you have your source document and your online catalogue maker, there is really not much to the conversion process. The online catalogue creator will take the design from the source document, and carry out the conversion into a fully-functional, animated digital flip book largely automatically. The interface is clear and user-friendly and the options are straightforward, so you do not need to have any specialist knowledge or high-level design expertise to create a functional and impressive virtual catalogue.

What are the Benefits?

The main benefit of using an online catalogue creator is that the resulting document is more engaging and visually interesting to the user than scrolling through a PDF document, and is also more impressive from a technological standpoint. This provides an experience that will display your products in a better light and help to build a better, stronger relationship between your business and its customers. Providing the best possible experience to those who visit your website and creating the best possible image of your business and of its products is an important way to increase sales and therefore boost revenue, as it better captures the interest of potential customers, makes your products look more appealing, and makes customers more willing to do business with your company.