Online catalogue creator software allows you to easily put together a sleek digital catalogue complete with page-turning animation and interactive flip book functionality. It is a great way to showcase a range of products, but is that all it is good for? There are a number of other ways you can use an online catalogue maker tool to show off the things your business has to offer, and this can be no less effective than it is when showing off a selection of physical products.

A Range of Services

If your business provides services as opposed to physical products, this does not necessarily mean it can’t benefit from putting together a catalogue. A catalogue of services can do much the same job as a catalogue of products – listing what is available, whilst illustrating it with images and generally showcasing it in the best possible light in order to attract customers and drive sales. Just as with a product catalogue, an interactive, animated flip book can be easily put together from a standard PDF using an online catalogue creator tool, and will be a great way to impress your customers and to ensure that your products and your company as a whole come across in the most positive light possible.

A Portfolio of Work

Many professionals, especially those in the creative and marketing sectors, have portfolios on their website showing off some of their previous work. It is a way to prove their capabilities, show exactly what they can do, and also provide a more visual and engaging element to their sales strategy. In a sense, the examples of their past designs and previous projects that they showcase are their products – or at least examples of the kind of “products” they can produce. As with any other products, arranging this portfolio like a catalogue and using a catalogue maker to create an interactive flip book is a much better and more appealing way to show them off than using a flat, static PDF document.

Online Magazines

Interactive catalogue makers can even be repurposed very effectively for things that are not catalogues at all. Many other kinds of document that would otherwise be presented in PDF format can also be made more engaging, more attractive, and more impressive by turning them into an interactive flip book complete with fully animated page-turning. Online magazines are a prime example. Just like with catalogues, putting an e-magazine through catalogue creator software to turn it into an interactive flip book imitates the look and behaviour of its traditional counterpart as well as increasing engagement by adding new visual elements. Magazines have a particular advantage in this area, because printed magazines are still viewed by many as having more prestige than online publications. Evoking the look of a paper magazine helps to associate yourself with those images and create a feel similar to that of traditional publications, which further helps to ensure that you are viewed positively by your audience.