Using an online catalogue creator to turn your catalogue into a virtual flip book can be a great way to show off your products and to maximise their appeal. However, a lot of businesses are put off by a simple lack of understanding – either of the flip book creation process or of using a virtual catalogue in general. With the use of a specialist flip book catalogue software package, the creation process is much easier than you might think and the benefits can be significant.

What is a Virtual Flip Book?

A virtual flipbook is a kind of online catalogue that simulates the look and functionality of a traditional, paper catalogue. Those who decide to take a look through the catalogue will be presented with one page or, more likely, one spread at a time. By clicking in a certain part of the page – or potentially using a gesture if they are on a touch screen device – they can flick forwards and backwards through pages just as they would with a regular catalogue. This will be accompanied by a full animation to illustrate the page being flipped. It looks just like having a physical book catalogue within their screen.

This is a nice effect, but also has a number of specific benefits. It is something a bit different from the approach that most websites take to catalogue documents, helping you to stand out from the competition. It is an effect that makes your website more impressive, and will probably seem high-tech and flashy to a lot of your visitors. It also often serves as a more comfortable and intuitive way to flip through a catalogue document than scrolling through a PDF, while offering a sense of familiarity through its resemblance to traditional paper catalogues.

Using an Online Flip Book Catalogue Creator

Some companies understand the principles and use of online catalogues well enough, but do not understand how it is created. The idea of putting together a fully-animated virtual book seems imposing and likely to be expensive, and this puts them off considering the idea for their own business.

However, using a specialist online catalogue creator, the process of creating a digital catalogue is neither difficult nor cost-prohibitive. On the contrary, the virtual flip book catalogue software will be able to do most of the hard work for you. All you need is an input file in the form of a PDF catalogue document – something many businesses will have anyway, and which can be produced affordably if you do not already have it. Then, the online catalogue creator tool will take that input file and turn it automatically into a fully-functional, fully animated virtual flip book catalogue that is ready for use. The catalogue creation software itself is easy to use, with an intuitive and simple user interface. The whole process of creating a flip book from a PDF is quick, easy, and cost-effective enough for even the most modest of startups, yet the results are good enough for the largest and most well-established of businesses.